Sunday, July 15, 2007

He is proud of abuse winners online voting craze shortlisted

Photo : five were selected as the most popular Internet Pageant, 2 Dr proud abuse (from left), on the 7th week the U.S. government, the 15th highest court, Zhao © 2002 Gardy on the 14th and on the 5th ZHENG Ying -

Miss this election will be held six nights this week, the most popular online vote before the five Pageant. He was proud of two children, ZHENG Ying-5, seven weeks U.S.-yan, 14 and 15 © 2002 Gardy Zhao highest court. Due to the imminent competition, the 16 candidates Pageant will also take the opportunity for exposure. yesterday they will wear Shahanzhuang attend the "dynamism in EMax some indoor beach bucket" activities in Sand Sculpture Competition behind them are devoted full attention to watch two foreign experts to do sand sculpture demonstration, and after more surprised to kneel in the sand sculpting sand, They no evasive to full competition, it was already done in advance measures to prevent sneaked away.

Consciously pressure long Anchuang

Furthermore, the General Assembly yesterday also announced Pageant were the latest height, weight and Body, (2) which is proud of how infants from beat to beat as well as five-inch 6 showing head. U.S. welcomes seven weeks from 124 pounds to 117 pounds. As for the director of a sudden, Mr proud abuse : "Yes! After the election really long again, even using any father, mother, I feel that the director, but not so many showing head high. is a measurement error. "As for the competition is around the corner, but her face covered with powder Anchuang, admitted that she was pressure, coupled with lack of sleep, it will seek more time to rest, Mummy will burn to her herbal tea drink. 5 shortlisted for the most popular Pageant, she said happily, thank you accept, claimed that they would strive to the best performance out.

When Zhou Mei Yan displayed links

In addition, the weight dropped 7 (America) Zhou Xin, 124 pounds in Beijing when Bowaijing weight, Maybe there edema, after her campaign would do more of the swelling. She also said : "The girl's weight loading more, but I always have maintained more than 110 pounds, rarely exceed 120 pounds. (The competition is around the corner, whether there is a great pressure?) I would not have given their pressure, (which link most worried about?) Displayed links I usually only temporary, appeared tense, we should have the confidence to look at the state. 」"

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