Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Officer Thomas will launch the book Chen Miao Ying betrayed "pro-children"

Photo : Officer Thomas screaming wrongly accused of being late

Officer Thomas (Ella), Liang Yu-yan and Chen Miao-yong, yesterday attended the famous foot and Chen Hao (Janae) of the book "The Making of ... Jana e makeup. Chi "conference.

However, the recent activities of a late hour began, the reporter said with a smile as Ella lead to bad records, She cut 1983 to Chen Miao Ying Feeling she says with exasperation : "I have quit long before the late practices. There is a traffic accident. But nowhere! I have to eat regardless used scapegoat to avoid causing others to the records have deteriorated. "Ella itself will also introduce new books and more books recently shot a series of photographs, in the water which photographs taken by the good effect, and she is most satisfied, She also pledged to pay out of their own pockets to buy at least 10 new books to give to her friends.

Chen Miao Ying winners will then run by Janae so nominated, we have been working. Miao Ying recent focus on the development of its health food LF, and as son as, But last October falls encountered a good buyers know each other LF development can be better, was sold at "pro-children." She said : "Before never thought would sell, but his son can continue to flourish, plus the price is very attractive, So finally decide 71 LF sold the right to operate, but they will continue to help until the products are on the right track. "

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