Thursday, July 19, 2007

Andy Lau was presented three awards Metro

Andy Lau in the past Metro Mandarin force at the ceremony, winning many prizes, Wah Tsai yesterday to the Metro radio interview. Mandarin of this year, the prize presentation ceremony will be held on the 4th of next month, but the General Assembly has taken the lead in one prizes awarded to Wah Tsai. It is hoped that through their two listeners to vote online from the election results, Statistics past 10 years since the reunification of the special edition, which Wah Tsai in three major voting results were first made, including 10 music were made, "Chinese"; Ten more were made movie theater shortlisted four, They are "fun", "downsizing of men and women" and "Infernal Affairs" and "big guys only"; Outstanding artists and representatives of the 10 first.

Wah Tsai has four films were made 10 selected movie, which he said were very happy. He feels that "fun" and "thin men and women." very special, and the subject matter was very relaxed and He also hope to get a piece of some love story. And Wah Tsai with "China" from the Hong Kong music scene Ten representative has alleged Wah Tsai this song very successful, to sing Street widely known. Even the country's leaders know. Wah Tsai said, the original idea he wants a "Hong Kong," a song, to the 10th anniversary of the handover to sing, But has not done for the lyrics, so the final contest launched Now he can only hope that the reunification 15 years to be a big day for the introduction.

Wah Tsai leave Taiwan today publicity latest Mandarin album, "a cattle differences to the world", the four-day tour, He will take the cat Air Tram, Ma Ying-jeou earlier ride when they malfunction, asked Wah Tsai will be worried that the move toward national failure, Wah Tsai mean this is for their promotion, we should be very sound. Asked whether he worried that the high-altitude wait for 45 minutes long? He said with a smile telling everyone assured that he will have to prepare. Wah Tsai continue to be willing to ask for Hong Kong Ngong Ping 360 propaganda? He said he will do, and I believe that any transport services will be increasingly better.

On Wah Tsai's new song "the most popular male singers," which is about the contents of the presentation ceremony. Wah Tsai said this song is Ang Lee Xiu read this decade and the prize presentation ceremony was written. One line from the song stresses Jolin (Protean) P.E. Devakula, Wah Tsai immediately clarified that She is not suggesting that a best of both worlds, I mean her word Ma martial artists, danced the dance are good. "Easy to a sit pretty late," a song, Wah Tsai says is used to describe themselves and Hacken Lee.

"Must have one's dependents"

Meanwhile, Wah Tsai whose programs accept the visit, during which he talked about shooting Song, "an" MV, jumping dancing feet. Wah Tsai explained not jump feet, but because the word "Wei Ye," Zhang sofas lifting the shooting, when he dance, they constantly turn, Wah Tsai said with a smile to see beautiful women (referring to the heroine MV) were dizzy. Wah Tsai past with countless this matter yet, asked her not met one he echocardiography? He remembers a time filming in the Philippines, not to see the facilities powder Rosamund Kwan downed really limit, then immediately recognized Wah Tsai echocardiography. asked why he had not pursued that position? He repeatedly said : "unacceptable. "

On the new song "Superman", he said that the song is speaking and how to care about their girlfriends, Easy to own a girlfriend on sliced drop can blame oil, in real life, Wah Tsai think not, He asked his girlfriend love more, or even one hundred times more love, he makes love themselves more than they love others better. With these words, also known as Wah Tsai dignitaries love themselves a hundredfold, only quipped, if someone is really so INFATUAYION AND MAD love themselves, I believe he will bring great pressure, he has preferred to love others more. Q Wah Tsai will continue to have families? He is not afraid, of course, think that the answer would As for starting a family room? He said Your Choice is on the Line of time, but he must have one's dependents can only tell you now is not the right time, in his mind, marriage must give the other half a title.

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