Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sunyaowei return to music success

Photo : Sunyaowei future battles have good results, the music, endless cheer

Separated from the music scene for many years Sunyaowei (Eric), which recently came back music had good news. their new album plus selected since its launch, that is, having become HMV sales around champion Bang, The record is 05 Jay Chou album after that has not yet beyond the singer to success. No wonder he yesterday on the victory banquet happy : "This proves that I still can breathe, not dead, I will treasure them, If the Gongguan opened 2,300, is the fear of the dead! "

Travel to Japan to thank staff

Zhengdong recording company specially for the victory banquet held Eric, Eric appreciation to the top Huangjianchao "insight" Vice saying that the market giant cartoon glasses to him. Eric said with a smile thinking that the first one last spring, is a super out of the singers Unexpectedly can now get the break, could also start the second spring. He said : "The music is really unexpected return will be achieved, the future of celebration activities will be a wave, touched me most is the friends who have to pay for support, or even the company's own colleagues have bought CDs to support me, Therefore, such as mini-concerts in August will be completed after the packet may be requested accommodation of staff to travel to Japan, they will also volunteered to act as a guide miles! "

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