Thursday, July 19, 2007

Shu-Ming Hsu Tai-sheng Monroe loaded Si - qi

Photo : the outfits Monroe Shu-Ming Hsu (left), the equipment is better than Mount Tai Yangsaiqi

Yangsaiqi and Shu-Ming Hsu (Suki) yesterday attended a homogeneous electrical shop and wireless cooperative activities, Both "HDTV broadcasting Ambassador" status to attend. The event was announced for future electrical shops in 10 branches within TVB can enjoy a series of high definition digital broadcasting propaganda programs Chuan films, including this year's winners and the "chairman" of the film.

To coordinate the publicity Si - qi and Suki were installed and the mountain came to shape emerging; However, Suki or slightly sexy. Si - qi said he also forms a well-dressed, earrings to several thousand dollars. Si - qi recently disclosed potential for Thin television, the future of high definition digital technology. It will also buy new batch of cosmetics, because in the past made the costume drama, in foundation can completely obscure the faces Dou, but with a refreshing shot. What will be very clear. And Suki also intend to buy two television, and ready to move out the hope that within six months the whole thing was, most want to live in the same Tsing Yi, So now home to efforts to make money.

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