Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wah Tsai Hui shorts and cool province Mirror

Photo : Wah Tsai Tui You really on a bit thin

Andy Lau Hsimenting in Taipei yesterday's record autograph session will be held, attracting more than 5,000 fans waiting, Unfortunately, the General Assembly only distributes 1,000 certified signatures, more than half of the final disappointment to the fans, that some fans immediately hurry to catch a train to Taichung, Wah Tsai hope that the time to participate in the evening to be held in Taichung another Qianchanghui.

Comparable Man Wai

Saturday afternoon's Hsimenting, Wah Tsai arrival was crammed seems to have been no long tail, Wah Tsai's cry rang repeatedly around. Because of the hot weather, Wah Tsai night staff specifically called on his behalf to buy shorts, a dress most cool scene. Taiwan reporters uncommon Wah Tsai wearing shorts, greatly accident, and it was asked why Wah Tsai legs can be thin, Wah Tsai on laughs : "You do not think that only the Miners have a pair of nut, I have! Hahaha. "

Heartache fans

As fans started early in the morning on the crowded party waiting in Hsimenting, dry drying most of the day. Wah Tsai very worried that the fans will not heat stroke, one immediately regards to power fans, no problem, the water you drink enough, Fans have also urged fans and the masses, if they do not uncomfortable grudgingly queuing, looking for his signature is not a difficult matter, health is the most important thing. Activities, the two are about to be married to the fans together and invited Wah Tsai attended their wedding in September, Wah Tsai said very much wanted to participate in, but in September he wants to mainland concert tour, only he can now send up to the blessings.

Always very interested fans to the Wah Tsai, Taiwan 100 last night in his busy schedule to write blog is the Internet. More personally drew a sympathy card and the day before yesterday in a cat air tram was accidentally injured by falling objects female fans, I wish each other a speedy recovery.

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