Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Miss Zhou Yu Hou Kong  U.S. welcomes birthday see red

Photo : Zhou Mei Yan sudden nosebleeds, and afterwards with a bit of embarrassment

16 fresh candidates winners yesterday Qi Macao tour and publicity. A large number of this matter has to Macao visited many famous landmarks, including the church, Lung Yun Central Portugal, went "Tsui Hong Garden" personally concocted coil volumes. Also taste the meal of Portuguese lunch.

Sudden nosebleeds

As yesterday's falls yes? Zhou Mei-hsin's birthday, the Pageant also celebrating his birthday celebration of women. How Liu, Zhou Mei Yan suddenly epistaxis, other Pageant was astounded, until she finally finishing toilets. Other Pageant also stood then slips into her more than 15 minutes, she was up again to accept Pageant cake and birthday cards. Later, Zhou Mei Yan said he has been part of the body is not bad, probably because of the recent eat a lot of fried food, will suddenly nosebleeds. She afraid of the sudden nosebleeds election day? She said no, the finals she will quit I will continue to drink herbal tea.

Dare eat

Although to Macau, the current food. But the competition may be imminent, the Pageant is not overfed. (12) but Lijieying also known as no special weight because of busy rehearsals, and there are no time. She will eat light is the most important and also necessary to rest. And? He is proud of the original abuse is the first official to Macau, as to when a child is too small. She hopes that casinos can go, because never been here before, but went to the racecourse. As a father to his own people to the racecourse, had tried before to accompany him go. But every time she asked her father to win or lose, not answered her father.

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