Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dai Lin heads so close so far

Photo : This Dai Lin Xiong after the offering, have an equal footing with Zheng Yang

Dai Lin Xiong offering (Lynn) and Zheng Yang yesterday as a "confidential × lattice-type" news conference as modeling, Guocuihua designer wear from the fashion design, the introduction of new functions of photocopiers.

Good living home

Recently, a magazine Lynn refers to facilitate and scandal meet her boyfriend Aaron Kwok, even always thrifty, she has spent 20,000 yuan residential rental Tai Hang Road. Lynn has acknowledged the move home, but denied to see a person. She Xiaowei : "no house 20,000 yuan, more than 10,000 yuan can be rented, used to be a hostel will have to pay! "When she told the reporters made it nearly impossible to live, she is Jiaochen said :" I have read the magazine map, in fact, have a long distance ah! (Why not move closer?) Not so much money ah. "Lynn said about the present more than 700 new homes feet, warmth and good feeling uncomfortable, decoration are mainly simple. Although a good environment, but in order to avoid paparazzi video stolen, she would close them long-term, but long ago got used to it. That package can send a gift to the occupation?Lynn said with a smile? No gifts. In addition, the magazine spoke of plans to Lynn impossible to obtain license plates immediately after sending a car to her walking. Lynn considerable reaction after the hearing : "Easy good money? We have obtained Matata. "

Zheng Yang tears

Zheng Yang and show yesterday when firms keep eyes water flow, and afterwards she explained woke up has been found to eye discomfort, may be cornea inflammation, scene with lights and make eye more uncomfortable, but in order to avoid affecting the performance, he decided to End show after Quti doctors.

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