Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Premiered than days Tingfeng ban Bozhi appearance

Photo : Ting Feng-mei, a pillared market parents, the less the same flirtatious wife

Nicholas Tse, Fangjieming, Shawn Yu, Wu, if Jiang Lin, Tungaokang and director Chenmuqing night to attend the "boyish" premiere, Aaron Kwok, Eason Chan, Deborah, Geography, Xie Tingting, Xuekaiqi, 2R, Luojialiang, Maoshunjun, Ms Ann, his wife and Emperor Entertainment large circle confer on human-present, The star-studded.

Parents sister up market

Ting Feng agreed to attend a pillared market, the only major abdominal casual wife Cecilia Cheung failed to appear. He disclosed Bozhi also watch the film, but he refused to let his beloved wife to attend, because he felt that it was the film premiere. does not want to focus falls on the wives. Ting Feng agreed to attend the meeting to support their families - not only threatened to ask, he said with a smile to go home for fear of being scolded parents perform many dangerous moves the lens. BB asked after birth can be reduced shoot dangerous game? He said : "To depend on the storyline director needs and physical conditions, not artists can control, I am not fat Columbia, Wei Zi is not, I can not choose, even if I have to jump off the 30th floor, also as usual. "Will be asked to bring his wife to watch in private is the market? He pretended mysterious said : "Those who said that if babies born after the film had never taken any pictures did not mind. "

Aberdeen wait residual music

Both broadcast five contestants creation of a video, in which a section entitled "fiancee" in the video. Bai Zhi happened to the "Xingyuxinyuan" for the scores. On the stage to hear that the guest Shawn Yu said with a laugh : "Easy? Song cooked money! "Tingfeng, that is, for potential trouble music Aberdeen, said :" You want to die-microphone? "Footage broadcast ended, the master of ceremonies Li Saddam was aware of the situation said :" Originally, the Department of Bozhi song singing! "Tingfeng cut back to only perfunctory said :" He was ah-ah! "Can be slow in responding. Shawn Yu time recently with the giant number of movies, he said already 26 hours without sleep, "Men" is a film about many places to go to the Mainland publicity, Lok Aberdeen with only one unit to Beijing Station, which he felt embarrassed. Although large tracts of the same period have shown, but the music box office earners of great expectations and hope that the mainland can box office received 100 million.

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