Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Green Valley Wah Tsai first dish

Photo : Wah Tsai album will sell, he may advance dry cup

Been two years without the introduction of Mandarin Xinshe Andy Lau, its new Mandarin album, "a cattle differences to the world" today formally issued in the entire Southeast Asia. Wah Tsai yesterday to the radio interview to publicize the new Mandarin dishes. Wah Tsai said that the end of this month will be held at the Kwun Tong apm signatures, and to go to Taiwan, Beijing launched a series of such places as the propaganda offensive.

Fairy story

Wah Tsai said that the choice of different songs, in different places for publicity, of which three songs, including "Superman", "1", "Parents" are dancing as well. And Xin She has five songs, it all comes from his work, in order to meet the children's fable book cover design, Wah Tsai - especially with the onset of light green, the shelves green glasses to cope with the effects of soft.

Wah Tsai Xin She had originally intended to be looking for "a cow's life," to reflect this encounter two years of life changes, If new songs like "winter without snow," and then stresses of global warming, and he reports that Eskimo people are queuing to buy refrigerators, Therefore, he would like to encounter in the living expression of the fun, he just dish results were whitewashed into "a cattle-to the world"!

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