Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dong Jie did not recognize short hair Li Yundi

Photo : Dong Jie (right) do not know the dates of hair Li Yundi

Are busy publicity new productions of "Butterfly Lovers" Dong Jie, Beijing invited to attend the night before a fashion show, The Assembly also invited over 100 Mainland Celebrities attending, including "Piano Prince" Li Yundi. Dong Jie eyes but there do not know Taishan, almost did not recognize Li Yundi miles!

Hi fashion show will be attended Old

Dong Jie evening wear the latest clothing brand, assigned a nostalgic look back into last played female artistes, and arranged to sit boss and the famous brand piano virtuoso Yundi Li, But Jie Dong has almost did not recognize at her side enjoyed a good reputation is "Piano Prince" Li Yundi, Dong Jie explained afterwards : "Because the impression of the Li Yundi is long hair, who knows he sports a cool short hair, wear the sunglasses, I almost did not recognize him, but fortunately for admission after he won the eyeglasses I have to recognize is he. "Dong Jie quite enjoy participating in normal fashion show, because they can use the opportunity to select some lift with busy weekday work hard to have the opportunity to meet with other artists in these activities can often run into a lot of old friends. So kill many birds with one stone.

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