Saturday, July 14, 2007

Running hard Jet Li intimate Valentine

Photo : Peter Chan (left), wins, Jet Li, Huang Jianxin attended the press conference in Shanghai

Directed by Peter Chan-epic film "vote were like" the Chinese official website launch conference yesterday at the Shanghai Pacific Sheraton Hotel. Plays the male and female Jet Li, wins, a producer Huang Jianxin, director Peter Chan also attended. Another two actor Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro as present in the field, able to attend, But through the hosts and guests to the media to apologize.

Conference chairman of the China Film Production Group 3 Han Ping, announced that "for unspeakable" The publicity and business activities officially in full swing. two characters and the director, a producer for the film posters 2 officiate at the opening ceremony. The General Assembly yesterday also broadcast new trailer for as long as two minutes. Notice prior to the film, the actors are not pretending to finally speak up, has also added a large-scale war scenes. like people live in harm's way of war. Jet Li and an expression of indifference, coupled with a cold line, the very day shivers all over.

Chan Wah Tsai lobbying composer

Chan also disclosed that are actively lobbying Andy Lau, for the film to create a theme song the same name. Tablets only actress wins, and yesterday about three Actor cooperation. She and abuse in a movie theater is a passion, she said with a smile like the film as a martial arts game, shooting Tsai very sorry, so sorry that she has. Everybody hard-soft, she was too embarrassed to tell the. Kit frustration that the director knows he did not experience before does not say what would shoot, he said : "I asked if I tin wins her a taste of her tin again I eating? Running said he believes the time is right. "But the result of the initiative were submitted handed. Tsai added that this passion play, but said they fought three days and three nights and lots of invasive in the same trenches. Tsai also said that the film had been made two months, but he Wah Tsai and Takeshi Kaneshiro and has not met only over the phone and e-mail contact.

In addition, the "vote unspeakable" official network, in addition to being able to see the documentary plot, the characters, background, etc. Others, also opened a special "culture" column, the historical facts of interest to the audience about the film legend on the history, There also with the people of the "interactive plate" and the film star blog (blog) link net surfers can not only express any views on the documentary, but also through the platform with the performers for online exchanges.

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