Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ting Feng afraid of trouble from the mosquito Bozhi out to the streets

Photo : Nicholas Tse Bozhi not attend the party, alone

Regardless of the night for the Rafah pilots husband beards Kong retiring at birthday parties, big belly of the new casual Aberdeen Cecilia Cheung have been seen greeting. Tse attended yesterday's new movie "boyish" propaganda activities, When asked why not bring Bozhi beards Kong to attend the retirement party? Ting Feng admit they are not allowed to Bozhi, afraid of danger, and although the Mummy Kong Health Bozhi wanted to be. As too many shadows phase, it is very chaotic scene, with hotel guest does not want to harass other people, Ting Feng pointed Bozhi pregnant eight or nine months, he will be asked to protect 10 security her, If there is any accident in Lai Who? Do not want a retirement birthday party rather on Bozhi, so he loves to dominate.

Then Tingfeng Kong Health whether in private with the celebration? Ting Feng said that they have private telephone conversation, but also to meet. Bozhi not attend the party is not Tingfeng mean? He candidly stated their closed Bozhi out to the streets, Bozhi she does not go out, the earlier they buy furniture, There were paparazzi waiting, Tingfeng respect, if camera shake to Bozhi, will recover his nine Street.

To give the best to BB

Bozhi imminent birth, asked Tingfeng have set no Plan A, Plan B, a program for Bozhi hospital childbirth? Ting Feng said with a smile Plan Y either. Well, no folder with the hospital set out to the media tracking? Ting Feng said with a smile, not others (referring Xuziqi) so terrific, as long as packages beds will be having. Smile he has requested Ningbo car? Ting Feng Xiao pointed a BB car alone. He may have prepared for the six-star suite Bozhi childbirth? Ting Feng ask ourselves is not edge, he told no one, but BB is the son of Nicholas Tse? He need not feel that this grand event, because he was nothing special, but he Daddy born on the people interviewed. said with a smile if some luxury-BB on playing more, he would not mind some luxury, in short he will try the best to BB. Q Bozhi decided to set natural childbirth belly? Ting Feng said that the decision by the doctors. He has asked for BB changing for the better name? Ting Feng said had no idea, but I hope that the name will be a more simple, it seems too many strokes he Tse. prior to the penalty of copying 100 teachers will be very hard times.

BB yet to be born, Ting Feng asked what gift to reward Bai Zhi? He said the students considered that he had asked Eason, know that after this there are still many things to do, Originally he wanted to start shooting a new show, now will delay shooting; However, he has tomorrow to the Mainland for the film, Ting Feng worried BB born, shortly afterwards he started, he would not willing. Ting Feng Bai Zhi also revealed he would like to see the premiere, but he is definitely not permitted.

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