Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A smart witnessed Chu Pui-hing gaffe

Photo : Star Team in the Charity Cup

"2008 Umbro Cup five-a-side football charity game," Last night, Hong Kong star sent with the Umbro Soccer Team for the competition, the team members are Mr Nat Chan (A smarter), Ars Technica and Ms Cong. Star team to five more : a win.

Turning to Director of Broadcasting Chu Pui-hing, crashed through the media and peer Animation this hot topic A smart girl did not think holding back, The biggest problem is his escape. He said : "That night I have here, I have Qudizhongtianchao performances, the Department of Drainage (Chu Pui-hing) as unlucky. Department of ordinary socializing, the enterprise is scheduled fixing things on the left! (But he rolled Animation, 2003?) Well why procrastinate hand you? Well then left to the Director of trying to stall, the point of the image will be affected, I have to slow down the pace of Hong Kong commissioning Miss! And only Quwu to face the camera, I used the flash on the most. "A statement from the Office of the Lan Kwai Fong area was frequented the media shooting, but every time he has to" stand Ding-Ding "- bats, not just a reporter published it.

A day before playing the two consecutive kicks races, but he has not boast of physical problems, he smiled : "My 15-year-old after enhance physical way, I whole-most of the late-maturing players. (Full-time players will do?) Rich enough to buy a team will be the team, hoping for Easy like Roger got sensational, Alan (Alan Tam) unable to do, and when my father inherited the wish of the Drainage! "

A star playing another team that, on the best age to Ars Technica gas well, is still full vigor. As for the game is of course the best football background, Mr Wan Chi-keung, ST and Edmond Leung. Andrew British Columbia said he will be running every week, since it was still pretty good physical and Lisa have reminded him a charged field to be careful.

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