Friday, July 20, 2007

Fu Ying book sales actually shake the chief executive win

Photo : Theresa says it is not with the Race Douxinggan

Fu Ying (Theresa) picture books of prose on the opening day of the Book Fair was launched on the book sales. even beyond the Chief Executive's introduction of the same period in the book. The first book Theresa hear their book sales actually shake the Chief Executive's win, her doubts, which he said did not know, According to colleagues sold 1,000 books. Asked whether she was unhappy? Theresa Kwok-him said, we have written, and she recounts the personal feelings are we different areas, No comparisons can be made.

Theresa book before the formal launch of the book, she admitted feeling very nervous, Xiangtou originally intended to look at the book into book sales response, but she worried that too many people book, it is very difficult to come out, but the 22-signing session before admission. Although the book autograph session will be held on 22, but the night 2:00 fans will be queuing Luo chips, Assembly chit-200, has sent just five minutes to complete. Asked her why she did not deployed more chips? Theresa candor want to send their own more, but only time will sign an hour, if the chips were too many, I am afraid she signed in droves.

Race with no intention Douxinggan

Theresa hope that the book fair to buy other friends, like Wang Wan's Race and (Derek) book, Theresa laughed asked whether they wanted to see myself Race sexy enough? She agreed Race Britain, not to compare. Asked whether she would like to compare them, who are in writing well? Theresa think we have written different, as she is introduced by the increase in picture books prose.

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