Friday, July 20, 2007

Wah Tsai "Superman" to "see adversaries"

Photo : Wah Tsai six muscular and less oxen are not practicing

Andy Lau to Taiwan yesterday for the latest Mandarin album, "I was a cow." Publicity attracting hundreds of fans to greet him and interviewed nearly 100 media scene, the airport was packed with, to send police officers to help maintain order.

6 Abdominal

Press conference, Wah Tsai with a more creative with their cattle doll andox appearance together, But this andox into a life-like Wah Tsai large inflatable doll, the one played on the media sparked cheers cheers Frequency shout "attractive", Wah Tsai could not hit andox this : "outrageous! Cheered even larger than me! , "Said show more immediately to devote true that the market Xinshe singing performances of new songs, but also feature six abdominal muscles, collect all the applause and the limelight. Wah Tsai said frankly beat "Long Xie Jia see" when another white fat, muscular total loss, the game finished after the start cultivation Sunday three consecutive days telling vegetables white meat, a muscular limbs automatically return to his side and, so far, has lost nearly lbs.

I was cattle -

This new album, a "cow is a" Wah Tsai Lyrics, Wah Tsai : "Hong Kong journalists do not know why behind the cattle-call me, they think that I do not know that I know that a long time ago. I was a cow, so records were simply called "a cattle-to the world." "Everybody Wah Tsai is the" Superman ", in the eyes of partners, he is concerned whether" Superman "? Wah Tsai hearing laughs and cleverly Road : "Superman is the very view Montevideo ah! Not with each other, then Superman is useless. "

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