Friday, July 20, 2007

Ting Feng longer make dangerous moves Bozhi

Photo : Wu Ching (left), Ting Feng, Chen Mu Qing, if Jiang Lin, Qi Fang Zuming in Guangzhou creating a momentum for the new movie (this perturbation)

[Lu Jian Guangzhou on the 19th -- this afternoon, led by director Benny Chan, "boyish" Troupe of starring Nicholas Tse, Wu, Fang Jieming, If Jiang Qi Lin attended a tripod in Guangzhou City Long Hotel to promote the new film will be. At the meeting, about to become the father of Nicholas Tse more mature poise, and the lively, dynamic contrast was Chenmuqing Fangjieming more naughty jokes.

Pillar another brilliant Chenmuqing

Tse's visit is to own the new movie starring the first publicity, when a reporter asked about singing with the issue, Tse said with a smile, the song has nothing good to talk about. "Boyish" is directed by Benny Chan a martial arts movie, the entire script in the fight scenes were more, They are fighting a real person. Benny Chan said Hong Kong predecessors to the Hong Kong martial arts film production moves overseas, and the efforts made brilliant achievements, for some time, Martial arts film shows the fracture, he made a martial arts movie is hope that the succession of Hong Kong martial arts films brilliant.

Hsieh denied a BB named

Tse talked about his performance, he said he either shoot movies which are unflagging, and only because "boyish" scenario playing game more, have more physical input. When someone asked the martial arts has many dangerous moves, Cecilia Cheung worry about whether, Tse said many details of the fight scenes are not told Bozhi, but their parents, Bozhi and their own are "back" to make a film to be paid to the travails have experience, we do not have too many worries. Referred to the forthcoming birth of their baby, Nicholas Tse revealed a very sweet smile. He responded to the will of the baby named "Xie one," saying that it was just hearsay. Ting Feng Chen Musheng right in a movie is satisfied with the performance, he said Tse has been acting very mature, play in the performance is excellent. On Fangjieming Chenmuqing time described it as "more mischievous" and the father will do Tse compared to the age and style have differences.

Ancestors were not interested right skills

Fangjieming reporter is still lively, dynamic, the people seemed to be very easygoing. Wu said he "beat" when compared with their "passive" to be more difficult. He said that he would like to see the small martial arts, but no right to practice martial arts enthusiasts, and Wu Tse often talked about the martial arts movements, he did not understand, went to the side and others chat cars. Jiang Lin if he is the new, I am very happy to be directing the case, she was concerned that it would affect their Booked Ting Feng, But Chenmuqing right to guide their patience, and especially nice, just like his father to take care of themselves.

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