Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stephen Fung-edge magic Enters Advertising

Photo : Stephen Fung magic outstanding favor of advertisers

Mannings will launch a new summer series of television advertisements, and invited star magician Stephen Fung (Stephen) at the Chinese University of Sao advertising magic Glance. Stephe happy to street magic on the TV advertising is not editing effects.

Stephen said : "I love performing magic at age 10 began studying magic, to the friends who brought many happy surprises with only a silver paper, or a coin, It is able to produce displays of magic effects; I particularly liked the street magic show, ready to show friends around to watch, brought them joy and satisfaction I bring. "Advertising in the late night shooting, as long as the process of filming more than 10 hours. One of the magic of the silver paper, the need to complete a take-off before he repeatedly practiced dozens of times. to his hand injury, but fortunately minor injuries, he continued to perform strongly, advertisers have been greatly appreciated.

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