Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Zhou Min Qi Shanghai Wishing

Photo : Zhou Min Qi see the Wishing Tree, very happy

Zhou Min Qi book "Shanghai Journey," an interview in their home, she did not think of going to Shanghai a few months, many feel changes. Her favorite, as long as you can taste food, they are willing to wait patiently for Kathy, line and the matter is too trivial. As the people of Shanghai, she is the most favorite things noodles.

Kathy said that in addition to the Wishing Tree, the garden, which has a Wishing Tree, she also join in the merriment. impose their own wishes "parabolic" to the treetops, two love for the cause of complacency. She also visited shopping malls, and the Shanghai Art soho district is a rich cultural flavor, is a warehouse converted into a flea and not some tourist areas, nor is there any shopping area, is the artist's concentrated, containing many art galleries, artists, students and so on. Second, "Taikang Road," where there are many gift shops, cafeterias, and the feeling that the exposure like in Europe.

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