Sunday, July 15, 2007

Leo Ku side denied by Paco frozen fields

Photo : Leo Ku (left) Model Try scanning machine, and next to Mr Ricky FUNG

Leo Ku was invited to yesterday's CD Warehouse Langham Place flagship stores opening gentlemen, and the first demonstration of the first electronic scanning machines Audition. The same venue attended by the Managing Director of the shop LIN Zhen-sing and IFPI (Hong Kong Group) Chief Executive Mr FUNG. Jizai before fans even closer together photographs, a small kiss Jizai more fans, he Grinning from ear to ear.

Jizai newly disclosed prior to the record store will also inspect records of the sale, but because of the present too busy with work, no time to time to record store. Magazine referred to the same side door hit by rotten Tin Po Cork boss was high (Paco) were abandoned, Li Peng transfer more new faces "Kohi" Jizi after the hearing that : "never wrong, side in the Easy Link abandon! "He said, referring Paco has always attached importance to the company of each singer," Kohi "as has just started, Therefore, we will fully support him, and he felt whenever there is a new, and the total of these strange reports, he has grown accustomed to.

2,300 tickets enthusiastic response

Jizai to sail from colleagues, even claimed to be held in September will invite 2,300 adjacent fields and "Kohi" as guests. In addition, mentioned earlier Jizai refer to the heavy work pressure and insomnia, he bluntly insomnia is not currently busy no time to sleep, Fortunately, the good news that tickets for the concert can be subscribed within a very enthusiastic response, Monday formally open tickets, yet whether to increase market companies, the most important thing is whether Booked Gongguan, because he had no intention to market other venues. Jizai also said that the teacher at the school and a friend were put to him fly, but they have been limited hours of tickets.

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