Sunday, July 22, 2007

Miki Well considered Zuolengbandeng

Photo : Miki, Kary and Stephy hard selling cakes

"Fleeting moment was the culmination of beautiful costumes charity marathon" yesterday in Festival Walk, The event is invited Denglixin Stephy, Wu and Yu Fei Yang Kary love to Miki. and a group of elderly people to attend, the event is the last hope to break the record for the 24-hour marathon makeup, Let 150 elderly people to experience college life, to raise funds used to finance the PLK "leisurely days Changfeng University of experience." On their respective activities with the elderly to encourage the production of cards, and sold cookies.

Kary good sexy

Diaodaiqun dressed up in a Kary, particularly sexy, it attracted many onlookers, many of the men used his mobile phone from senior shooting. Later they sold cookies many fans and the public to purchase, 2001. They can be asked to teach the elderly will experience Makeup? Miki said Kary and the elderly can dance, flower arranging and Makeup Kary said with a smile, or even permission to teach them hip hop dancing. Stephy said on weekdays will help Mummy costumes, she would also like to help the elderly make-up, but fear that they do not accept it, To help more people, she would like to set up a fund to help more people in need.

Has been working

Cookies have several members, Even with the same workload Miki less Fu Ying also out CDs and book Miki seem to be idle, Without a job, she understood yesterday to the matter, she pointed himself has been a work, only recently introduced the dish, We focus our attention on them, have the wrong impression, in the leisure time, she would at home learning, learning music theory, painting, Luo Guanzong more interested in quick-study acting. But that only four She has not had the opportunity to dish out, Miki said that they would not hurry, now is the time to equip themselves.

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