Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jieren expectations "very small" singing Throughout the Country

Joey Yung to Beijing yesterday for the fifth Mandarin album "very small" at the Friends of songs meet, attracting more than 100 media and the arrival of over 1,000 fans support. In addition to activities Jieren perform numerous songs in Mandarin, The Assembly also invited a male and a female children played "very small" in the lyrics of male and female Jieren troupe of supporting dancers. Jieren the Beijing fans Battalion members to support Rafah, saying only that symbolizes good luck and the monkeys is a monkey doll to the Jieren, We wish her recordings sold.

Hi cooperation with Jay Chou

Jieren the new album brought Radiohead producer composer, but denied that it was done to make use of each other selling points, the most important thing is wonderful songs. As for the future will again cooperate? Jie Ren : "In fact, any person I want to tell them, because with different people, can give the fans more originality, also can strike more sparks! "Jieren years ago with a" waving wings of the girls "sung" national movement " This can expect with a "very small" to succeed? She said good and confident that this song can become popular songs!

Peer help prepare brother

Beijing Jieren completed first stop publicity, and will continue to depart Changchun, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hefei, Zhuhai and other cities for a 10 on the 20th of publicity. As busy day and every way she could only stay one or two days, also attended the activities plane to the next stop and meet fans. Falls summer, Jieren this trip is special zone with the full younger brother summer counterparts and let him know of the hard work of my sister. and his brother is also a good helper, with the exception of the sister next to help cook, the embodiment of the General Assembly Jieren photographers take pictures and tell the fans.

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