Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yumiko Cheng hotel ghosts big hit was the first Hamplang

Photo : Ken Chan (right), and Yumiko Cheng (middle) Metro recorded radio plays

Ken Chan, Yumiko Cheng, Chiu Wen and Li Yi Long earlier as "Metro" supernatural drama "doomsday calmed recorded" recordings. Yumiko his first radio play very excited that she normally have read the Mansion, although frightened, but more frightened Eventually watch.

Yumiko actually disclosed to the spirit world is very curious, the man will look at the book, or with friends, because everybody has a different view. When asked about the collision ghosts experiences, Yumiko said : "In the past tried out Ports stay in a hotel, arriving Cox heard two people said Forget. very much wish to look but delay, scared to be spent Hamplang overshoot. Go out have no special preparations, and only knew a band for their comfort Coaxial. "As for the role of interpretation, Yumiko performers a more than 20-year-old student, played by the less poor role This time, he even use voice to interpret the role of helpless, which she found very challenging.

Artists (Ken) Zeqing's an orphan, for the first time recorded radio plays, he performed very own expectations, He felt that only a voice to interpret the role is very difficult, but fortunately the show, the content is not divorced from reality. life can be said of White. As for the collision ghost experience, said he was glad Ken has never met.

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