Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lan Wei Yong Qi played low and A SHE

Photo : Wei-lan worried that their figures were too rich

"Solar Project 2007" yesterday at the official opening of this year, the General Assembly invited Cao lattice. Wei-lan (Janice) and ZHANG Jing-singing for the "Solar Project 2007" theme song "Happy maps let's go! , "Three singers together with 30 other candidates this sun-teenage boys and girls include : Zhong Shu Man, Xiewenya. Sunboyz, if Jiang Lin, Chen Bo Yu, Hiromi ... etc., attended the opening press conference, Special arrangements for the media scene vote for the "maximum solar UV index messenger", the results from Sunboyz. Chen Bo Yu Lin and Jiang if elected. Finally Public candidate canvassing their teenage boys and girls, appealing to the public to cast their vote, coinciding with the 19-year-old Hiromi, She expressed the hope that everyone can vote.


Janice the best female singer, called the book-class tickets, but she did not dare to shout, when the title, referring to himself and the sun is the girl last year responsible for singing the theme song. Over a short period of two to three years, she was recently Tussauds Tussaud's invitation for her to a wax sculpture. But there is netizens criticized her qualifications was so shallow not enough weight. However, according to the record company staff explained that this vote is elected, she definitely is a fair win, Miss Gigi Leung and opponents have such drama. Janice asked whether enough weight to the criticism not happy? She openly stated that as long as the people support it happy and contented, she is most worried about is tailor-made wax statuary, slightly corpulent body type, fear does not look good. She's Republic will be held on the 18th of this month the opening ceremony, and hope that parents can attend support, but Mummy town. She believed that Mummy know my daughter has a wax will be very pleasantly surprised.

Also, it is reported Wan Jing-Xuan Zhang and Wang's in February next year will be lovers stall cooperation in Gongguan opening concert, which Hsuan Tsai said, They just joined the paper applications to the Hong Guan, has yet to be finalized, they actually have a person on the 1st, do not live margin, But the world will estimate that they will do each other's 2,300 guests.

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