Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sammi the first brown Bob passers-by clapped their hands

Photo : Sammi wig enough tide, it looks good and it matter

Kou Hong-ping and friends of nightclubs, parties held the night before, prior publicity Sammi Cheng also will attend pillared market. Sammi has long stated it will not accept the visit.

Her inspiration

Sammi at about 11:20 and the assistant manager arrived accompanied by Lan Kwai Fong, She wearing a brown Bob the first wig, and a section of braided. Although the two sides over the cheek, but still unable to conceal his "bags face." Already caught on and waiting for passers-by to see Sammi alight, I can not help but applaud cheering, as the Queen visits. But she failed to respond, we bow our heads in a hurry to enter the building. However, the reporter asked her to stop taking pictures, she also cooperation. Photographed nearly two minutes, Kou Hong-Ping and others hastened popularized Sammi Cheng Xinhua hello to nightclubs. During Sammi asked yesterday whether the platform to return to Hong Kong, she nodded in response. Before and after her stay in the shop in less than five minutes left, leaving a reporter, she said goodbye to her very politely life.

Another night parties in addition to a Kouhong Ping, Chan However, Lin Jian Wei Lin Qi daughters and a paper text, Sammi Spider is the largest. Kou Hong Ping said she was with Sammi is the same church, which invited the present, to strengthen their influence.

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