Thursday, July 12, 2007

Male students practiced hope

Photo : Fang Hui-wen recently fell in love with acting

Medina (Niki), Fang Hui-wen and Mr Zu-de yesterday to Sheung Shui such a secondary school to attend the "Kara O! BABE leap Campus 2007 "activities, promote awareness of IPR protection. Niki remember last year has publicly asked students to illegal downloading, but when large numbers of students raised their hands to recognize, Niki is so stunned and said to the police, absorbing the previous experience, a supplement She said : "It is assured that This year I will not ask, you do not know their own! "The audience roars of laughter that came.

Niki yesterday with the same handwriting pine painting scene, we cherish the hope that the original. Last year, she referred to the police Rafah illegal downloading of students, she smiled : "I will not ask this, so embarrassing, it has to do his own knowledge, no need to ask, hoping that students have improved, so it should know what it should do, What should not be done, parents should be the teachers Although more attention, but eventually their students can practice Buddhism. "She went on to say that after a year we should have grown up, the community of the piracy problem also improved, but always influential artists, Parents say a better than 10 speakers.

Niki's new book "savor the feelings" in the upcoming book launch, then she will go to the Book Fair will be held signatures. This work is all her grow up a bit, she is responsible for the cover design and illustrator personally. When asked whether she could find a house or Aunt Zhou Min Qi scandal boyfriend Zhengjiaying write sequence? She said : "No, I wrote it myself sequence. (Whether you want to do talented woman?) I am not talented woman, she is of a 『build From their responses you all, just want to give ourselves a way to express. "

Fang Hui-wen hard aphonia

In addition, Fang Hui-wen yesterday with the same 1844 scene recently, because she was so hard before recording shut, and After treatment only to find himself suffering from asthma. She recently fell in love with the self-acting, but also within one day saw four, five sets of stolen film division, before they play at home to the scene shot and Anthony Wong plays.

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