Sunday, July 15, 2007

Li Yi Long urged youth volunteer help

Photo : Li Yi Long (left), and Man Chung Shu Wangkaijun attend campaign volunteers

"Ambassador best friends," Li Yi Long (Don), Zhong Shu Man, Wangkaijun yesterday to attend a shopping center at the third "best friends" campaign electric cooking competition. Do 41 for the fourth year, will act as the "best friends Ambassador" and in particular to bring to the Assembly last year, some T-shirts with the sentence given to the General Assembly to encourage, to encourage young people to volunteer. Do disclosed that he studying in 5:00, who is suffering from a hyperactivity disorder in children tutorial, the other regular repetition, Do it right the kids did not give up and still spend dedicated aircraft to communicate with each other.

Wang Zhong Shu Man services for young and old

Zhong Shu Man said, in the past studying in the United States, have taken part in volunteer activities, have visited homes, future opportunities, She wants most to service children and the elderly. Wangkaijun which is the first year to participate in activities, and said they would consult experience to Don, hope to the best of its ability to help the mentally disabled.

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