Thursday, July 12, 2007

LI Ya-peng said Wee abuse surgery successfully completed

Photo : LI Ya-peng (right), and Faye Wong establishment of the "sweet" fund plans to launch a new (information Photo)

LI Ya-peng manager loyalist reed disclosed Faye Wong's daughter Lee Wee Recent that Wee abuse very good, all the surgery is done. her teeth, after long before plastic surgery, but this depends on the meaning of doctors. As for Lee Wee faces surgery obvious signs? She said okay, of course, is not without a little bit scars Wee is a lovely child and other children's health is no distinction.

Activate the "sweet" fund difficulties

Mr Reed said, "sweet angel Foundation" next month will launch a new health care plan LI Ya-peng will then personally led a medical team to Xinjiang, Chongqing, Chengdu and other places of local treatment free cleft lip and palate children He would like to give a remote mountain area, some of the sick child care. In March this year, the Fund financed the first two Chongqing cleft lip and palate children, went to Beijing for treatment. Although the two children through the Foundation conducted a surgery, But because no tickets from Beijing to give up behind the treatment. In this regard, Mr Reed said : "In fact, the problem we are very distressed, very limited funds, it is impossible for every child tickets. In fact, we are going to the implementation of the medical scheme, but against those without tickets and the difficulties families, at home so that they can enjoy the best treatment. "Ma reed also disclosed to reporters in November this year, LI Ya-peng of the doctors and the medical team came to Chongqing, personally love to spread around children.

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