Wednesday, July 11, 2007

She bought luxury flats A good holiday fortune

Photo : A favorite purchase She hedge against inflation

Will be broadcast next Monday in the TV drama "The time situation," yesterday in Tai Po flats at a luxury flats naming ceremony To celebrate the event, the public plays a leading role, including drama, Xuanxuan, Mr Hand, Miaojiaowei, Liang Jing Qi dressed so carefully, Cars and sit appeared. And three Xuanxuan Beijing Opera, drama and pointing Hu, accompanied by representatives of the real estate company together riding a horse there, very powerful. Already has two properties in Arab She would like to be in the sale buy luxury flats the goal was to be a number of units have been booked Great.

Great chartered to do good

A carriage ride She provocatively, she said, appeared before the horse in the two mutual kick each other, she was a little bit worried about, Zuomache but also several fun. Later, after practicing Marsh tame horse, two horse has a Bianguai. Yesterday's activities in luxurious apartments, are interested in buying her? A She said with a laugh : "Yes? ! SIN developers have proceeded so I give to. But refuses say how many packs, I have to save farmers money. "She said that currently owns two properties, a home, a rental. If the purchase of the properties, I believe holiday forms will be available, because the more remote areas, redone inconvenient. She asked to save money there how far distance to the target? She laughs : "Easy I recite the largest units should buy Well, the middle price! But the most important thing is to watch how many proceeded. "A She said to be in Hong Kong home buyers, because they were in the custody of the field than their insecurity. She admits there are rental units, not the sun and the rain in a month, the money received is a few enjoyable. She said with a laugh : "Great chartered to do good for all, I hope'99 is more private property better! "

Lin Feng has been misunderstood

In addition, recent reports have shown that "time situation," a drama broadcast on the mainland, the reaction was less than enthusiastic. Lin Feng immediately "pass the buck" refers to himself in a play only supporting roles. He said yesterday it was really see reports tease, because that magazine reporter did not ask him these questions, he said : "Qu is then I am worried, I microphones so big in fact, the main line with the Liusongren drainage using any elder brother was three, set drama Gancheren Plus, everybody is protagonists. "As for being written to shirk its responsibility, Lin Feng feel very helpless. He knows how the older generation does not believe his words because Members are aware he is a nobody. As pointed drama in the Mainland after the broadcast ratings flat, Lin Feng pointed out there was not mentioned so much, and Yesterday, he had only seen one informal statistics, in recent days, the viewing of the country's winning time. For a total of 60 sets of drama, so they will have slowly "burn." But he admitted the series was broadcast, the pressure will certainly greater.

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