Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lizi not return to work, such as wireless dead

Photo : Lizi full younger brother looked after suspension

Rarely interviewed Lin Jian Yue (Yue less), yesterday appeared "Zhiyun dinner," so guests, presided over by Mr Stephen Chan Chi-wan Feilinge specially mounted with 45 10 yuan notes given to him. As these 10 yuan banknotes is 02 issued by Mr Leung. Yue year is less shot "Infernal Affairs" and the success of the series was an important year, has a strong commemorative value. No wonder Yue less happy and said : "I find it no one would be happy about it, especially this gift is a good deal of great substance. "

Lin Jian Yue exception respondents

As for the present was invited to interview, Yue less candor because we feel like a friend like mentality, after several unsolicited agreed. But too much to worry about topic in depth? He said : "Being a veteran friends, anything can be said. I thing we are clearly good, and there is nothing secret, nothing needs to be clarified, provisional. "As for the girls Yue Friends Monica summoned again pregnant, Yue Shao :" If that is true I would certainly say that But now my stomach is greater than her! "In recent years, Yue less substantial gains in the stock market, he was asked if he could therefore increase investment films? He said : "I will not because of the stock market or to increase investment, Hong Kong is most lacking is a good theme, Sometimes, even if there are good material but also depends on whether the mainland market to meet the need to weigh many, they were still looking for the crossroads. "As for the resignation of the Director of Broadcasting Chu Pui-hing continue to be exposed Merry history, Yue fewer people said this was a private matter, the inconvenience criticism.

Mr Stephen Chan Chi-wan SMS greetings

In addition, Li Zi full younger brother of the earlier car accident injuries in hospital after she had been parked "chairman" to take care of his younger brother. brother reported yesterday by the blind brain surgery, she has become frustrated. Mr Stephen Chan Chi-wan said before Lizi contacted, some mass SMS to her colleagues recently to listen to her heart said OK. On her return to work when? Mr Stephen Chan Chi-wan said : "I do not know, in short jump to accommodate the film, she is not dead line. (Will Huanlu?) Huanjue not to, as she has before making a lot of Budget, once Huanlu more troubles, loss will be. "

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