Sunday, July 15, 2007

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Photo : Cheng Chang (right) and Lin Yi Chen recently arrived publicity, popularity

Recently, the entertainment business is very exciting, because there are three artists from Taiwan Jun He Xiang, Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen visit out intensive publicity campaign, a wave of interest and caused ripples Duixingcou "fans" of the chase.

I happen to be close contacts with them through interviews and observe their work methods and attitudes, and some local artists, I was deeply impressed.

As they stay in Hong Kong for only a short period of time, the General Assembly of the trip arrangements abnormal compact, 8.10, 9:00, until 11pm, 2:00, a newspaper interview, the electronic media outdoor shooting, and publicity activities and his "fans" gatherings, really nonstop, even to eat almost all the time not, let alone allow them to enjoy Hong Kong scenery and cuisine; We all know that as long as these 12 arrangements delays, behind it will affect the arrangement. The most unusual is that they insist on completion of all the arrangements and have been very tolerant and professional, had never complained or black face, especially Cheng Chang and Lin Yi Chen, in turn, to delay and wait for the media to apologize.

Will their future popularity, no one can know the future, but this moment, They have already won the media and "fans" of the heart.

If local artists (especially those who are not first - or arrogance spoiled manager), in the face of such an arrangement, I am afraid to assistant manager or after the abolition of the visit, or intermediate must have time to eat and rest.

Here there is a key, that is the manager's role and role playing. I have seen a local media manager for a very unfriendly to visit her under the artistes, which first met her concern. She selected media standards, depending on the sales, influence, and the layout was the size of the visit, For those who do not meet her standards of the media, not only excuses, but with the words mean If she hands of the artists are superstars or international-class artists, of course, not a problem, But her attitude has infected her hands who are not the too - but very thought-sister in Aberdeen, a result of this, She not only offended the media, but also misled by the artists, she should have helped artists develop their performing careers for exposure, Instead, just the opposite results, the dogs become roadblocks. Fortunately, Cheng Chang Lin Yi Chen and the manager is not the case.

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