Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Merely suspected of apricot forced by flinging pounds

Photo : Hand really necessary Fertility

Bosco Wong recently bought a new vintage cars, but as a "good friend" of Hu shaft, saying do not know Bosco bought a new car. It seems that the other side is to shoot "My grandmother 2007 barbaric" and buy. She said with a smile believe that the other side only to find an excuse to buy a car. She did not run the other new cars, or have the opportunity to play in this sitting. Xinhua means "tea" Boju dispatched famous private partnership and 80,000 yuan watches, Bosco more severe and has sent private partnership cars. Hand immediately said with a laugh : "Easy me from the 乜 嘢 private partnership miles? , "She said with a smile themselves are out private partnership shirt, but did not merely expensive.

Zan Zongze, curled hair Liang

Hand asked to find Bosco lose myself in petty pursuits? Punt are pointing a "good friend", she said : "I kept in the dark for several vehicles drainage money? Easy antique cars will also limit difficulties involved in acquiring, if the buy-racer while playing on bad Wu Wan, But I did not go to the rural drainage lose myself in petty pursuits? stages. "She asked to find Bosco Ambassador? Recently, he bought a lot of clothes for the image -- again. Hand said : "A man goes to a certain stage, the Department will change the image, the Drainage Department to buy clothes are respected occasions. I think Qu - hospital head ah OK. (You Valentine's beauty lies in the eyes?) Big, gel-friend! Drainage do Kuoshao Boju,'99 looks to the Department of Coaxial. "

"I know what to do? La Salle "

In addition, before she gets to the skinny "post" was merely have to make calls to lose weight. Hand said : "When I hear, there are meals Easy Coaxial scared, I worry Wuxiang drainage! Drainage has been commissioning so I will eat less. (Qu so thin you got Quhao fertilizer, drainage must slimming) Qu roles Coaxial to fullness. I know what to do? La! Fan will increase a little fertilizer. "

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