Sunday, July 15, 2007

Regardless of Rafah said a decade of commitment to engage birthday party

Photo : Regardless of Rafah (left) pulled his beard Kong auspices parties, very affectionate

Deborah and her husband beards pilots Kong married for many years is still very affectionate, coinciding with beards Kong's 60th birthday. its pilots career is officially retired, said Kou was orchestrated 10,000 payment to her husband at the grand celebration party. In the evening at the Intercontinental Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Fu guests through an approach that is written on "Kong Airline" of the archway, Each of the guests were given HE King Kong doll or air hostesses doll as gifts.

Ting Feng said with a smile that her son has to go to kindergarten

He night to the star-studded guest is not only one pair of earners and Nicholas Tse Ting-Ting Xie, and Ma Wong Ting Feng Lease, Cantonese film star Leann and her husband, snow cents, including Hacken Lee, Aaron, A smarter and the banks, Eason Chan and his wife, Edmond Leung and his girlfriend, Ni Kuang, "Stands" too generous and four beams Angel, 8 girl Even recuperate is the "Fei Xu," singer in Xinyi and accompanied by friends attended, and Chen Jie Ling, Fat Mother Dragon and the other was the guest performers. Dragon also sing seven Teng's songs dedicated to the beard Kong. Tse occurs, the media is very tight, but security has long been noted Bozhi will not happen. When a reporter asked Ting Feng what gift to Uncle, Bozhi not whether such issues, he responded with laughter, Only people ask when will Bozhi having? He even wished, said : "He (my son) back to tight kindergarten! "And dress quite sexy Xie Tingting have long scene. "Dependent" Chor was asked what gift? He even said : "today not to send things. "When he was playing a good time, see also press Still, he bragged to blow whistles, said with a smile :" Closing of the epilepsy. 」"

"Since the host a" No beards Kong and the whole tail of hands for the media to take photographs and generous interviewed. But regardless of Rafah and did not answer whether her husband was the evening birthday, only that the series of a few days for him to celebrate. Asked what gift? Regardless of Rafah said with a smile : "Cheng-party sent to him! "She said her husband back in the 50-year-old birthday, had this 10-year plan, now just 10 years, they promised to send him a grand party to celebrate. Kou also widening in favor of face-to-face photographs of her husband, his beard Kong is acceptable : "My wife then Liang Liang microphone Hello! "They asked whether they plan to travel? Regardless of Rafah wished that most do not want to go to the local paparazzi. Beards Kong pilots have been serving 41-year-old, he is not willing to admit a bit, but very happy Rafah regardless of what their brains He also sent it to the Rafah Regardless of what? His beard is not afraid nauseating Kong said : "All my love!"

Teng Fei Xu ill fare pneumatic

Attended the meeting of Feijie, is at the dawn of quiet, when the media when she found she could only see the silhouette, Fei Xu Xinyi and in the company of friends, riding the elevator to the banquet hall that has not gone staircases. She stayed until 21:00 left, when the see a large number of media rushed forward to take pictures, initially Feijie miracle "black noodles" everybody came to a halt before she squeezed out a smile, a reporter asked during her physical condition, Hsin - I immediately answer : "a lot. "The original steps distance Feijie has to spend a few minutes before they can get the crowd the car near the side of the car when she is asked :" Aberdeen bench? "But no one will help to busy, but in three Feijie friends and the assistance of Xinyi forced to board the buses, see she is a little difficult. She may be impatient drivers, the door has been less than hasty clearance drive, no monitor wheel is stuck to a male reporter in the foot passing, Fortunately, no one was injured.

Made a special trip from Thailand to attend the parties, Leann and her husband also play into the night before leaving. As the evening also TWGHs fund-raising, and many guests did not bring gifts, and all of the venue contributions, I opened hurriedly rushed to the scene after the Aaron Times along with the two bags were things, he said yes and 25 years Pu'er Tea, He is a folder with copies sent Keqin, Aaron said with a smile : "I gifts I will donate, 2 mei! "A smart quips said it sent a plane to hosts who looked, the time to do so regardless of Rafah want to accompany his wife to travel abroad. Love to dance Stands said with a smile at the venue impromptu dancing samba and the tango, playing very happily.

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