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Sea Monday Star / Nancy Sit Stories Create Miracles

Photo : Nancy Sit with her daughter's feelings, feeding.

"There is only one love will always be on your side and protect you, take care of you and encourage you and cherish her in your side when love. "This is the daughter of Nancy Sit Shanshan shooting for the songs Mama" love "when coupled with the MV section of the reflections. When YAN home for their sons and daughters as the driving force, which will care in the community to spread. The results earned their children rewards, also earned her first bucket of gold, and the cause of faithful supporters, She joint auspices of the radio program "home world" Mainland and overseas also have a large number of listeners, Many housewives become self-value-added channel.

When YAN home auspices of the Metro radio program "home world" to the earlier one called "derivative family" of the new link, to teach housewives investment experience, she says she is not teaching people to "stock" housewives but also know how to invest in order to avoid their personal money "diminished." "We can learn something of investment knowledge, this will not only improve communication with her husband. also in the family when there is a need for emergency use; Once the problems of marriage, they would be able to have confidence in the Independence. The most important investment is the effort to measure its own budget and its risks, also the analysis of social conditions and listen to expert advice, not blind obedience. "

Indomitable examples

Reunification decade When YAN return home for eleven years, from wireless drama "truths" of the "good Aunt" Today everybody's eyes as a strong woman, a good mother, She admits relying on the people's indomitable spirit and trumps Building Building busy work she evaded the financial Storm and "SARS", a popular television series also contributed to the more advertising spokesmen and Mata, She found the first bucket of gold. "I was a single mother, work without manager, cook everything myself. for the three children with reading and processing chores at home, through these years is not simple. first bucket of gold on the protection of my children's development and family stability; Now women graduated, worked in foreign countries. son, a third-year University of Reading, young girls this year or in college. Many people say that I am not from the stop, in fact, I simply can not rest, then I only buy investment property, Just a month for a three-story building used by about 100,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan is no fixed income is unable to maintain a home, So I sleep an average of four hours a day, sometimes not even sleep decade to return the 20 others, because I was working 24 hours! But I do enjoy the process, feel that God give you an opportunity to be what you want for themselves. "

Starring in a drama as "house" and she hers advertising product requirements, It gradually find everything from the family what happened told her, "When YAN introduced by the home must be good thing," This is from 2000 she began hosting the "home world" after the audience continued the reasons for the increase. "We hope to bring you new things and joy. Through radio and Guangdong, "Guangdong" Voice of cooperation hookup program "Hong Kong - Guangdong more popular," Our influence extended even to the Mainland. I link 『Barn swallows Performing Arts Day 40 years there's a lot of Australia, Singapore and Malaysia to listen to the Internet. "

Open microphone chaired widely studied

She admitted that the auspices of the radio program she learned a lot, because every day they come into contact with the community, from entertainment to current financial information. and even common sense at home such as health, child and elderly will cover emotional. She is also keenly aware of many of her listeners as an example, she will lead, and take action to practice his preaching things; Even couples get along, she would not because their marriage has lasted longer and ducking, it will own experience, for single housewives analysis, and help them relieve emotional difficulties or spend. "I feel healthy life is the most important ideological health, family and friends love and connection is also very important. "

When YAN home is already song, a video, depending on the Almighty and air artists in the entertainment industry in recent years than has been actively developing its product market, In real life, she has become a good example for everybody image when it comes to acting, she is very professional, even do not mind at all playing the rape angle. "I 1960s his" Flying female Story "Frontier has been his youthful beauty, That film to another one of my kids killed the teenage girl, my parents for fear that it would affect the image they put off, But the director just said Long, an artist must have his multifaceted role, but that was a negative example, Description girls how wrong the first step, but it has become a game of the winning entries. "

She added : "But the development of other career, I will bring out a happy and healthy image. I am lucky that I am a very wide audience, from the age of three to 80-year-old has even older. I like children, their mother 』『 Barn swallows, the young friends and I would get along with. because I treat them as their own daughters; with the older people told me grow together, and I know a lot about right, For the elderly, I grew up watching them, I particularly cherish them, so busy I will have the time to do volunteer work. "

Their professionalism Bao vitality

In the eyes of many people, Nancy Sit is a new generation of superwomen, she laughs, in fact, is the "iron woman." She often work 24 hours a day, sometimes only 10 minutes of time to "recharge" and and her vitality is the secret of "professional music industry." "I enjoy doing now, the volunteer satisfaction can not be bought; Really stand on the stage performances, I will be very happy, my children are the driving force, to see them grow up, I was feeling very successful. I often say Tianfang absolutely no way 』people, as long as perseverance and confidence, we will be able to achieve their goals; In addition, we should pay attention to time allocation and control their own EQ, the ability to resolve the matter will be resolved soon to solve it. allow themselves to avoid problems. "She believed women is quite remarkable that many people not only share the family economy, and also to take care of their children and take care of home affairs, Therefore, she wrote, most men give love and support, children should treasure and rewards. "I went to the United States earlier shooting new songs" love "MV, it is my daughter directing, She MV in the final with a feeling that after I read really shed a tear, it is my feeling that I am delighted to learn that she also. Your children feel their pay is the most important, if the next generation is in such a case, it is not very warm harmony? "

On the future direction of the development of the cause, she said, with a stable living, to take into account their overall health, not too worked But she was also very much like children, the hope of helping them to strengthen their confidence and live happy, Thus in the future or will do a good job in her "Mama Barn swallows arts center," through dancing, singing for the children to relieve the pressure, express emotions, increase confidence and improve interpersonal relations. The other hand, she thought that the children involved in the business can do meaningful and healthy, She is planning to introduce more children's products, such as parent-child fashion, stationery, bags and books. "I wrote a book on how the mothers with their children online, the Project is successful and does not make money is okay. the important thing is a little contribution to society. "

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