Sunday, July 29, 2007

Shu-Ming Hsu efforts to make money by moving house

Photo : Shu-Ming Hsu frequently out show, a substantial income

Shu-Ming Hsu recently by the common (Suki) attended as guests of honor, She also attended yesterday at the World Trade Center in Causeway Bay at the "Summer sunshine girls election," as gentlemen, smile so thick that she revenues surge? In this regard, she said : "Recent workload is more, an average of two a week, but the actual number of income I do not known, because until they pay day. "

Deterioration of the skin with a price

Speaking worked so hard to make money out of grain can be bought things to reward themselves? She said : "The heart itself is working to save money and hoped to rent one of the larger private housing for the family and two cats live because now living in a smaller area, two cats no place to sleep and I climbed up the bed with sleep, But because the cat's fur so I often nasal itching and sneezing, so very much wish to rent a big house cats do vacate the room. "In addition, Suki also disclosed efforts to make money exchange skin deterioration, often working relationship Makeup sweating in hot weather suffocated living skin Health Anchuang the left face the most unsightly tablets Anchuang it has been more than a week, Only forbearance hand by its desire not to hurry good. Also attending will make Suki recalled that more than a year before their election of "Miss Hong Kong" has participated in before the same types of games, At that time, the guests do Yang Yi and Chen Minzhi, After more than a year he did not expect himself into the entertainment business more attended as a guest activities.

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