Thursday, August 02, 2007

Andy Lau World Tour sing You do not take a

Andy Lau in Shanghai yesterday to attend the press conference, announced the "wonderful world Andy Lau World Tour Concert" will launch in September. He will be on September 1 from the first stop in Hohhot, capital of Inner Mongolia, a total of 15 city tour across 10 provinces, after returning to Hong Kong for the 44 Christmas New Year's Eve performances, then 08 the rest of the world began to perform.

Armani clothing design

Junior said the concert named "wonderful world". he placed a pair of human peace and the big home planet a better blessing, but also symbolizes China has entered a new era, a takeoff of the wonderful new world. Holding two good friends, he is looking forward to the first performance in Inner Mongolia, because it is over the years on interior farthest city. This production costs more than 60 million yuan. Stage costumes by inviting well-known international fashion design master Giorgio Armani, he is uniquely designed, only Andy Lau's concert apparel.

Enjoy live good work

For the Junior - this is the last concert tour of China, Junior never said. He said : "Ha ha, I never take, you can rest assured. I am enjoying the work, life is also very happy, not what I do not want to leave everyone happy. "He spoke not in concert performances independence, as he promised teachers and the school, they have not been agreed not to perform in public. However, recently, he was invited to participate in the Olympiad Song reference to the song selection game, but unfortunately still not satisfied with a written works, still efforts. Fighting for singing the theme song of the Olympics, have very easygoing attitude, even if we could not sing the same support. He hoped that they, like his own, in addition to supporting the Olympic Games, but also support "handicapped Olympics." If the Olympic Assembly invited him to help, he would be very happy to, the secret is beginning to ask their friends to rush him to fly.

A reporter asked Junior earlier reunification evening, Premier Hu Jintao is holding his hand and said "China as soon as possible to open concerts? "Junior hearing laughter, said :" He told me not to say you answer these questions. "Do not ask reporters to joke with them. Yesterday see Junior in the eye appear red again, he said it was because rehearsals for the dance cooperation female artistes bruises, but no serious problem.

Shed the baggage unpacked

Another said Jacky Cheung earlier in the Mainland Tour reaped had lost control on the platform screaming for a few minutes, saying that it is for their own decompression. Junior said he does not believe that is a few minutes so long, may be a minute or two minutes it. He feels that alumni definitely not out of control, just enjoy the stage performances, was this exciting performance. He was in power, indicating some impassioned songs, or were touched by the enthusiastic, have tried sentiment, with the audience sing yelling. Asked to normal decompression, Junior said : "Unable burden for the. My usual method of extracting bowling, watching movies. "

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