Wednesday, August 15, 2007

With the WWF on hold to the Philippines to observe whale sharks

Photo : WWF staff on hold with the Philippines to observe the marine ecosystem

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) marine Ambassador Ekin Cheng, in April this year with the staff to the Philippines to observe whale sharks Donsol, the understanding of local people and the government on how to protect whale sharks and marine ecology, and trips will be compiled to "love the ocean whale sharks love" programs, and arranged to next Tuesday (August 21 ) 23:00 on Jade. This is also on hold as "marine ambassador", the first person with the WWF to understand them in Hong Kong outside the marine protection work, so he was very excited.

Donsol in the Philippines, 40,000 people are mostly engaged in fishing, material life is far behind Hong Kong, but they are in the protection of the marine environment and marine biology has impressive. In order to protect the whale sharks from the threat of predators, the government work together with the fishermen, Donsol watch whale sharks into a tourist spot.

Close contact was moved

This may hold for personal with the world's largest fish whale sharks close contact deeply felt coexistence of man and nature and the mystery, he said : "I really like diving, but also love a good marine ecosystem, often imagine one day in Hong Kong waters diving, one of the big fish to see in front of me free to travel freely to travel to. In fact, each have their biological characteristics and survival value, as human beings should be cherished nature and maintaining ecological balance. if we continue to endanger the marine environment, damage to the food chain, the ultimate victims are human beings. "

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