Thursday, August 16, 2007

Alumni even 18 games jokes singing "God God Dad"

Map : Senseio (middle) with the staff congratulated the successful concert

The 18-day field, "Xue light-years world tour -- 07 in Hong Kong" will be kicked off tomorrow at Holyrood Park to wish the alumni concert will be successful this time, especially at yesterday's press conference opened champagne, a doctor, 18 concerts will be enthusiastic response, all tickets already sold out. Even alumni have not rush to fly, only to pay the Ho spent over 200,000 ad hoc purchase than a thousand dollars a gift set to send your votes relatives. Not long held in Hong Kong so many concerts a friend and learned that the concert will be enthusiastic response, of course, very happy, but he also felt the pressure of old age is one of their concerns. But alumni singing right side even confident that the reporters he is "Song of God," he jokes called "Dad god god"!

The older the confidence to meet

Alumni back in February this year, have been held around the world tour, and has completed 42 of the records, a total of 18 courts, alumni will soon break the record of 50 field, in order to commemorate the 50 courts, in Holyrood Park concert, souvenirs will be sold. Manager Chen Shufen, said Xue Hong Kong Station completed after the performances, and will continue to perform elsewhere, there are more than 90 field records, there are many places which are still dumping contact. Therefore alumni expected to break 95 world tour records to prove Senseio "songs" of strength, the market trend is definitely called Zanzibar.

Xue said frankly have not thought of this opening concert in Hong Kong, it will receive such a warm response, Hong Kong has now opened the show, the heat has been watered down, so this time he or unhappy, have pressure. Although he had to cope with over the past 40-plus concerts, is, after all, 10 years ago, this time we have confidence in him, but he is not very confident of his own, in their current state, I believe fair cope. Then his mood very nervous. Xue said frankly has been done before more than 40, because of this run down before with the same, so not too tight; Turning to the issue of confidence, the former alumni recall several of the 40 record, which is 10 years ago, and its tense mood resulted. But their alumni slating be quite confident that the reporters he is "Song of God" to worry about how to sing. Alumni hearing said with a smile, instead of "Song of God", but "God God Dad!"

Admission is told fans on time

This refers to the alumni concert at the Hong Kong production costs, huge, but he did not fare increase, in addition to this all done concerts shirt, regardless of stage lighting and production will bring everyone along, it will bring a feeling of outdoor admission, although 20 and does not allow aerial fireworks, there will be substitute other things, called on alumni fans to arrive at 8:15 approaching 20 and overtime penalty expensive, so he opened on time, finish on time.

Yes Assembly ad hoc group of gift set of tickets, in addition to admission tickets, more commemorative gift pack priced over 1000. Xue said he has spent tens of thousands of 20 to buy gift box equipment, gifts to friends and family, and the fact that he can not simply rush to fly, his wife and daughter Admission to the Air show, will use the package installed. Asked of his wife and daughter and whether he hailed the market. Xue said frankly not determined, but so much the market, should be to come. This refers to a concert of unprecedented response, asked alumni will not consider opening Part 2. He should not, but Anson Chan conceptual Tour final in the hope of outdoor venues, being conceived.

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