Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bell Shu Man with jeans geopolitical stresses

Map : Zhong Shu Man and the legislature can not even remember jeans Hongzhuo

Letters newcomers bell Shu Man, Hongzhuo legislature and the composition of the farmer-attended yesterday a shopping center at the "NOVO Concept" show, talking to wear jeans lovers. Bell Shu Man own hands slim, but waist has grown more meat, so she normally tend to be picking low-waist styles. She asked that the highest value of a number of jeans. She also said more than 1,000 yuan, she feels a polished pair of jeans and wear can decade. However, she usually only a few wardrobe which, she said with a smile jeans may also stress fate. Kelly and her wearing jeans think is the best read.

Located 700 Zhuoli

Hongzhuo legislation refers to the most expensive home a pair of jeans is 800 yuan, he loved to wear trousers feet wide, because they too thin, so it looks fertilizer 1:00. The Hong Kong before a typhoon, the original Cat hardship to the toilet at home, he suddenly found that 700 missing. The only brother and 7,000 family survive it back downstairs, the cat lovers may then be too Which came downstairs. Living in the fourth floor, he initially estimated that 700 will die, so now is happily recovered.

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