Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dai Lin Xiong married the same week to coincide with the plan

Photo : Bear Dailin week to coincide with the same, after five years of marriage plans

Dai Lin Xiong night for a pre-autumn and winter fashion show as models for its star Aaron Kwok speak before attending activities, it claimed only with her friends. This, she also recognized danger on the road said they are just friends, but now she's 27 years old, when a reporter asked about marriage plans, consistent with the danger on the road, and expressed the hope that after five years of marriage Health Aberdeen, the reporter that she smiled and Financial terms of the plan, she not only laughed language.

Willfulness is a woman patent

She can ask the private promising danger on the road to buy clothes. She is a chuckle : "I do not respond to a word with her boyfriend helped buy clothes. (Has he Zan you have taste?) He dared not say that I did not taste, it will not - not like that, in short bought he will have to wear. (Hello Superwoman Wai?) Willfulness is a monopoly of women! "As she was prior to his pimples, has become Paper-Cut, asked her if she had love nourished. She did not respond positively, only saying that it is now very happy happy, a lot of my friends, love, but every day deposited three water surface skin.

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