Friday, August 03, 2007

Mr Farah split the role play game

Mr Farah yesterday attended an electronic game of promotional activities, Farah into play in the game "Iron Fist five" emerging role of Ling Xiaoyu. Farah broadcasts wearing skirts, very sexy. But on the stage playing sports, should be extremely careful to avoid goatee. The original Farah has played before, "Iron Fist 5" game, she Once an Ling Xiaoyu good shape, because she is a Chinese girl. when the fighting will panda carrying backpacks, very proud. She's special to be split hair and long eyelashes, hoping modeling more realistic.

Farah said that because the child wanted a game, had for a father myself, hoping to buy it for her. She feels that video games can definitely enhance the parent-child relationship. It tried to push the night, Mama scolded. Now she is collecting to send her father to the game. Ever tried to ask her loved playing computer games boyfriend languished Farah said with a smile not tried.

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