Saturday, August 18, 2007

Chen Jian Sheng meaningful Decade

Photo : Mrs Lam (middle) one million contributions, support and Chen Jian Yin Feiyan Voice charity show

Chen Jian Sheng Hsieh snow heart, I Miss Lin Qi attended yesterday POH "Liyuan Opera Po Chung fraternite" press conference, at which Mrs Lam also donated one million yuan to charity, the Pok Oi Hospital Board Chairman Lin limits accepted by the representatives. Lin Jian said later invited Eason Chan and Miss Jade Kwan when "love charity ambassador", Ms Sit Ka-yin, and Rolando, was the "love opera star," to attend future fund-raising activities. Mrs Lam has just returned from Canada, recently talked about a new ATV shareholders, too - that is not very clear.

The outgoing Chairman of eight and

8, and the outgoing President of the association, said his Independent Voice is still the Cantonese Opera Fund, a member of the Cantonese Opera Development Committee and Chairman of the department of traditional Chinese opera. Always they were eight and his followers, will continue to Cantonese opera community service. Independent and sound now and forever or eight honorary chairman, in the past decade, as The Independent Voice of 8 and the President, as with the return of Hong Kong to the motherland, with the decade ahead, in particular feel meaningful, memorable. She was referring to eight and now will continue the fight for the permanent venue, the word will change more the better. She gets to take over as the 33rd session of 8 and the President, they can continue to work with the relevant government departments, and eight leading disciples, so that we can continue to unite.

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