Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Casey to a thrilling last nine enemy disfigurement

Map : Casey and Lu Lysa girls play, agile

"Chinese Kung Fu Star TV Competition Global Macao pageant" in Tuen Mun yesterday desalination plant for video, Casey and Lu Lysa embodiment of girls there, put on a escapement Wuzei chase. As video alsoç„—factory hot, Casey shoot a take-off foot shot, soaked with sweat.

Like making money on

However, Casey is making its own moves to the cinema experience, before making TV series have tried to beat the play, then still wearing "Star" high Zheng shoes takeoff foot. She said before making costume drama, also tried a taste of playing nine. But when filming, she better understand their panic on the edge, injuring other people, and also particularly careful block face, she always have to rely on like "making money", it can not be injured. Lu and Lysa camera moves more difficult than Casey, asked her if there Wai too fullness, will it affect performance. She will not be, of course, it also depends on our views and ideas. Will she feel more lithe body type will be easier to play. She smilingly said he did not know, because she had not tried. In her recent efforts fertilization, because the accused do not want too thin, add a good mood, also eat more. She asked whether the availability of feelings. She has not said with a smile, is not only happy.

Lysa Hurdle

Lu Lysa suspended yesterday to Granville Ye to the second floor, after playing a few hurdles. He did not expect her performance of the classics, as well as original yesterday her first hanging Granville Ye itself acrophobia she actually on the second floor railing - to-go, the fear is good, but after shooting a good sense. Asked about her fuller figure will affect want to make an action show. She smilingly said he would not, because yesterday's clothes are of good comfort.

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