Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wu Ta Kwu statement thrown stick

Photo : Wu Ta Kwu statement classics

Wu statement (Yen), a provider of assisted Metro Showbiz "I have my singing original song contest" as guest performers, Yen see on the stage musical instruments instant magic that she knows Ta Kwu itself.

Singing and food shops

Yen said : "I told Dear Jane is a member of Science drums, and their own good Once an, but not the art precision and tried in court rejection]『 fing drum stick. If I have the chance I would like to try next singing and playing, a lot of people would play the piano, guitar or bombs, I wanted to try Ta Kwu Now, while singing. "Q Yen will want to do restructuring Rock girl. Avril She says : "I want to do more than beloved leader Avril

Lavigne, because I worry painted black eyeline No.8, I too Once an with a big black. "

The first original song contest as judges in custody on praising the contestants, a reasonably good standard, four sons, said : "appreciate the good each group of participants has its own characteristics, the majority of original songs are good high standard."

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