Tuesday, August 14, 2007

CHEN Zhi-yun : they are all women

Map : CHEN Zhi-yun has been grateful Yu Cheng

Joey Yung and wireless CHEN Zhi-yun, general manager yesterday to attend the "Solar Project united Hong Kong and fly older" press conference, the main town to encourage young people to contact celebrities and make exchanges, they talked about the platform in mind they should appreciate, CHEN Zhi-yun with a sudden burst he welcomes tours of people with similar Eason, Yu Cheng. Unknown CHEN Zhi-yun referred to two similar areas, and sexual orientation.

Posterior back to Taiwan

The meeting, said that apart from the courtroom chef Luo, there are the late Princess Diana are worthy of her appreciation. CHEN Zhi-yun and appreciated the most, is somewhat similar to the courtroom Yu Cheng. After referring to the courtroom asked CHEN Zhi-yun and Yu Cheng live in what areas. He said : "The Department of Drainage Dad are women, two have unique character. (Yu Cheng then help you to play wireless price?) Is it, then Ho-jun ripped me, and I do the radio is very happy, but I think Yu Cheng switch wireless will be more appealing and more opportunities to play, in favor of my past, before me is about Ho-jun dumping out, it ended up like married women say we get a dowry. of course, lastly, I have to reward good satisfaction, Yu Cheng SIN so if I? Well done wireless happy, I stand absolutely welcome back to the past, a card I still live bags. "

Whether he is really worried that provoked scandal and not tap talent. CHEN Zhi-yun said : "The Department has generously! I like Cuijianbang-Li single-handedly discovered, we know - I on the same channel, after Cuijianbang a girlfriend, so I rushed with the Drainage Department. "He does not mind the students will share scandal will share with you is that everyone not to the opinions of others too, the emotional impact .

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