Thursday, August 16, 2007

Chan absence premiere "Dragon'11" shoring market

Map : Yumiko was laughter of the Dragon'11, can not help but say : "Well popularity? ! "

Jackie Chan movie "Rush Hour 3" Exhibition to be held in the evening of the opening ceremony, but because of their work in Jackie Chan who has not returned publicity. But last night a number of beauty-lien, which also includes past and Chan Chuan over the scandal Hoi-lan and Yumiko. Because of this premiere of "Label assemble scholars" to raise funds and asked why Hoi-lan will happen pick this movie premiere to do charitable fund-raising. Her brother Kenny and the scandal is already a long time ago when it is already decelerating. She noted that this is not deliberate, just coincidentally, this movie will be shown, together with Hollywood is a large, a certain popular attraction, and so picked this movie.

Which have been calling for the "Dragon'11" Almond asked if they would hailed brother market, appreciative of his new film. She said not necessarily, but if it will support time. Because it has always been a good brother tin, she helped her a lot. Asked how Marcoussis her brother. Yumiko said that when she first started out, often encouraged her brother, tried to send to her table, but then everyone has a 3T, but only outside her table after her was the "Dragon'11." She does not know why the big brother to propaganda? Yumiko brother said something not possible time. Reporters asked whether laughter from her representatives to hold the market. She laughs : "Enough La Salle! Good bad? ! "Yumiko imitate brother put on a V-victory sign shooting. However, she went to Kuala Lumpur the next day to appear in commercials, because Lee had not been implemented, may not read Zhengbuhu.

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