Thursday, August 16, 2007

Eason venture endure second-hand shops open-top

Map : Eason set up second-hand shop that specializes their old clothes

Joey Yung organized by the second-hand shops in yesterday's official opening, and many fans use the queue, but only one Cai-scene support. In addition to the sale of second-hand clothes courtroom, there are Grasshoppers, Twins, Kenny Kwan and other second-hand clothes shop selling second-hand clothes as many as 3,000, compared to the courtroom as many as 500. Start a courtroom, is particularly tense, but also act as cashiers, for the avoidance of misplaced money, the reporter called her photograph is looking at the camera, the courtroom has been to concentrate on money, not look to the camera.

Second-hand store the night before, Eason night started overnight, thanks to friends help, but she also groan hard! Eason said frankly not willing to sell old clothes, her aides folder forcibly took away the old clothes, because she is too many clothes, family survive without much display location, only his prize. Eason is asked not only to see the old clothes sell. She said, of course, washed, and some even have attached Xishan license. Earlier in the original "Live Concert," with the off pink shirt, also took out and sold to, because not enough time to clean it not out. Eason found picking up clothes, let her regain a lot of memories, some too sexy clothes, she took out and sold dare. As no fans charged order to buy clothes. Her fans want to know what she told a nervous cooperation in concert with the white jacket off, but can not find.

Kit Tsai winning the shirt benefit residents

In addition, Kit Tsai recruits, of course, there are many second-hand clothes, earlier in the "Live Concert", informed Eason set up second-hand shops, they immediately to the other party unless he asked the second-hand clothes, home Kit Tsai said frankly too many old clothes, to protect the environment, so he wanted to sell old clothes, for the purpose of environmental protection , not for the money. He provided a second-hand clothes, there are some very memorial, which is a red jacket with his new prize is that 20 years ago the hope that the fans as a souvenir, this jacket offer 799 yuan, it benefits residents.

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