Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mr Johnny Yip overcome diseases of the eye 20 and hope to sing

Photo : Mr Johnny Yip Tse Chen Ling kiss

"Mr Johnny Yip hall TV hits 35" will be staged in the evening at the Cultural Center, I Ann, Chen Jie Ling, the bell will wait as guests. The eye itself is Mr Johnny Yip most of the time on the stage are wearing sunglasses. I Ann evening is the first one played by gentlemen, Mr Johnny Yip introduced when she played, "Princess" to describe the more the audience laughed called titration eye drops, because she is forever eyes. Tang Columbia means very small-Ann had known her, and Ann Tang also said Colombian singing in the slot like a master, on the contrary it is merely the primary. A two-person final chorus, "Get in tears when," after Ann sing again, "" I polished "Maidens" theme song "freedom in my hands," sing the "heart Claims" dedicated to the late actress. After Ling and Chen and Tong also Choir Columbia two English songs and stage band folder. Chen Ling and Mr Johnny Yip originally had folder band together, to make records more then gold record results, The Wynners more formidable.

Periodic inspection

Afterwards, Tang Colombia, many guests are friends, he had merely wants to please guests Pang done, but merely because the preparations for the concert to be held in September, did not have to support. Talk about eye problems, Tang said Columbia has a child, is not going at a hospital. Now he can only hope to keep this bit of eye and the 44 held reaped, it is his greatest wish.

And I Ann long time ago, also from the original records, but because the focus was filming, so not many people have heard her music. She has always said that his Toshio Suzuki, were scared to sing in front of other people, as well as the daughter of 19-year-old, found out that her know how to sing. Last night she heard on the stage, the audience's applause, deeply moved. Ann's daughter until the background, immediately praise Mummy sing good, but also provides Mummy 11 points.

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