Friday, August 03, 2007

Chen Yao laser vision correction of myopia

Photo : Chen Yao celebrate the 26-year-old birthday

Wireless yesterday held "in August and stars" activity and a public birthday August 65 and 74 and men and women in Aberdeen to celebrate together. Attending the artistes since Chen Yao (Yoyo), Heidi Chu, the Twins and White Yin other.

Chen Yao birthday is August 27, the date was Monday, when she might have to start. This is the 26-year-old birthday, talked about the birthday wishes, her family and friends hope that all health happy, the cause of a breakthrough and progress and hope to have more opportunities for homeowners. She asked not find a boyfriend? Yoyo said, in the cause, that if the start is the most unhappy.

Yesterday Yoyo wearing spectacles that she prepared to check the eyes, doing laser vision correction surgeries. After surgery because they could not make up, so that will leave the company. The recent shooting to be "pro-third of my colleagues", she will play on her vacation. Yoyo said every eye has 550 degrees of myopia, and hope that it will soon be corrected visual acuity.

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