Friday, August 03, 2007

Mengjiahui his intimate drama without ideological shackles

Map : Mengjiahui soon be denied marriage

Mengjiahui (Yoyo), WU Jia Long, Wakes and craftsmanship of yesterday's new world - at the autumn series leather campaign and - as modeling. Yoyo and WU Jia queues play lovers played in the rain as they walk through, Yoyo carefully to the other side Mohan, after affectionate face affixed face for the camera reporters.

Yoyo said that this trip show, let them be free. The General Assembly originally proposed WU Jia Long grabbed her feel, but later found not to. WU Jia Long asked whether she was truly tin, but she feels Face Face has posted it. She smilingly said he will not worry that, like a show, if suitable atmosphere can also follow the. Asked whether she had a boyfriend and opponent will not be too intimate? Yoyo that is not their own and other people's girlfriend is ideological shackles, as long as they are working, there is no problem.

She feels that this show very interesting trip, like a show. Yesterday many modeling scene are under way for a thorough, the original Yoyo have tried vacuum OK show, That wore Preston approached, if red chest pad will be very disgusting. Yesterday she was grilled by reporters about the wedding, she said that not going to marry.

WU Jia Long Yoyo acquaintance with the original for a long time, before Yoyo and Ekin Cheng Chuan marriage appear, WU Jia Long says it is not without its own opportunities, it is too tragic.

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